No freedom even if you are at your own home!

Part of my life changing plan is to be more active and not just always sitting on my bum. So for the last few months, from barely able to do cardio type of workouts to gradually increasing to working out almost the full hour, I was finally able to do spot running, rope skipping, jacking and jumping, with intervals in between. In fact, I really enjoyed this heart pumping activities, sweating feeling as I feel so alive and energised. Yet, another impediment came in! If it was from myself, at least I can try to gradually change it. But when that involves someone externally whom I haven’t met and spoken before, it was really frustrating.

The first complaint came 2 weeks ago. I woke up at 7 am as usual and that day, I decided to do the full high intensity workout. Previously I did jump and walk back and forth, but half the time slower, which was purely based on my own capability. I was confident my stamina has picked up, and so I wanted to speed up to increase the intensity and heart rate. Whilst I was enjoying the workout, at around 8 am, my intercom rang. It was strange because the postman or delivery person normally comes around noon and it was definitely too early for them. I ignored it but came the 2nd ring, so I went to pick it up. It was my “neighbour” on the ground floor,2 floors below my flat, who pressed the intercom. He complaint my stomps had woken him up. I didn’t realise it was that loud but then again, I did increase my intensity. So perhaps my act of defying the gravity has amplified the impact when I landed on the wooden floor eventually. I was really apologetic and promised I would keep it down.

It did leave me with bad feeling the whole afternoon and it had also shoved me out of my flat that day. I bought a very cheap “thank you” card and wrote my neighbour a very nice card apologising and thanking him for alerting me.
That was 2 weeks ago, and I really missed that energetic level and heart pumping feeling. Last week I was so demotivated as I was only doing the pilates and yoga workout, which was great, for strength, but the heart pounded nothing like when I did the cardio workout. In fact, I had to skip or shorten my workouts whenever those new workouts involved some jumping and jogging. Very inconvenient and frustrating, especially when my mood was heightened closer to my menstruation.

So today I couldn’t help myself but to do find some light workout which I think similar to my lower intensity workout. I was really careful with every step I take and even though the speed was increased, I kept to my pace. I have worked out for maybe close to 15 mins, which normally I would have sweated profusely by then. But not this time. Another 5-10 mins gone and I started to sweat, but heart rate normal. I think I started to get a bit excited and started to quicken my pace, but not stomping. Whilst I was started to enjoy a little bit more, my intercom buzzed! Damn!! Bloody neighbour complaint again. I didn’t say much this time and he kept it short too.

This is really frustrating as I really want to enjoy my early day workout. And I do enjoy early morning workout as I want to build the routine in the morning to prepare myself for the day. I know I could go out and jog, but I hate jogging and I should not be jogging because I have bad knees. I could go to a nearby park to do the workout but I need a TV set for the workout. I could bring my laptop or phone but it would be very difficult unless I am doing something I know by heart.

I think what annoyed me more with my neighbour when he ended his conversation saying that if I wanted to do exercise, I should go to a gym. I could except I don’t have money to pay for it now since I am not working. I just want to do something I enjoy in the comfort of my own house. And that is the reasons someone found the idea of starting the home workout videos many decades ago!

Now I have to find alternatives to do my favourite workout.

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